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back from workation

It was amazing! Oliver flew with me and had the time of his doggie life turning from a city dog into a wild and free nature dog 

Ollie has his own beach

and sharing pretzels with Sheera (my niece)

We had a great time but I also got a lot done and Im really pleased. I call it workation but I dont concider ceramics work, I consider it fun. Of course if i had to do it for a living it would have turned into work in my mind. 

new bisque and unfired pieces 

before I left I asked a local old fashion blacksmith to make me what looks like very large cookie cutters out of tin. They are the outlined shapes of my birds and will make cutting slubs of clay into those shapes much easier and save me a lot of time. Cant wait to try them.

 my custom “cookie cutters”

Unfortunately, since Ollie flew with me in the cabin, I could’nt take the ceramics pieces as carryon. I packed them really well but two of them did not survive the trip. too bad but not the end of the world. I’ll make more.

casualties of travel 😦

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