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Part yet untold, the seas began to roar, And mounting billows tumbled to the shore. Above the waves a monster rais’d his head, His body o’er the deep was widely spread: (…) Too long you vent your sorrows, Perseus said, Short is the hour, and swift the time of aid, In me the son of thund’ring Jove behold, Got in a kindly show’r of fruitful gold. Medusa’s snaky head is now my prey, And thro’ the clouds I boldly wing my way. If such desert be worthy of esteem, And, if your daughter I from death redeem, Shall she be mine? Shall it not then be thought, A bride, so lovely, was too cheaply bought? For her my arms I willingly employ, If I may beauties, which I save, enjoy. Metamorphoses book V By Ovid

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